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Thanjai Dental Centre

Thanjai Dental Centre is the leading multi-speciality dental and trauma care functioning in Rohini & M.R Hospitals Thanjavur.

Our Thanjai Dental Centre is largest dental care centre. It is a one of a kind, modern purpose built multi-specialty centre situated in the heart of Thanjai, promoting a comfortable, relaxing but clinical environment, boasting the latest high-tech equipment. This enables us to provide highest quality care for our patients. We have all the necessary infrastructure under one roof complete with state of the art dental treatment suites, dental and maxillofacial radiology , modern integrated operating theatres and in-patient facilities. Our doctors are very highly qualified with extensive experience .



Our vision is to promote dental wellness a concept which we aim to achieve through delivering high quality specialized dental care in and around Thanjavur, tamilnadu with emphasis on integrated, comprehensive and inter disciplinary approach to dental health needs.


Our practice promotes comprehensive dental health plan, a plan that emphasizes not only on the dental treatment of the current dental needs but gives equal importance on prevention.

Best Support

We understand the unique needs of each patient, from infants to teenagers to adults to seniors. A healthy mouth and healthy body go hand in hand.

We are proud to commit to the following dental services

  • General dental consultation round the year with Specialist for every branch of dentistry
  • 24 hour on call emergency and trauma care services
  • Home visits on request in Thanjavur for geriatric and needed patients.
  • Complete dental check up and restorations in 24 hrs
  • Latest all ceramic with zirconium crowns & bridges
  • Root canal fillings in one visit for eligible cases
  • Dental Crowns & bridges in 24hrs
  • All Wisdom teeth extractions in one visit
  • Dental Implants from nobel-bio care,sweden,leaders in implant
  • One hour tooth whitening Cosmetic treament
  • Online dental appointments
  • Anesthetist & medical doctor on call
  • Friendly & Well trained Dentists & Staff
  • We value your time and are committed to seating patients on time.
  • We devote many hours to clinical excellence. We are highly trained and capable to answer any question you may have.
  • Our facility is state of the art. Patient safety is never compromised.
  • Our surveys have shown that 100% of our patients would refer their family and friends to us.
  • We offer a full range of dental services for all ages - same day restorations and full mouth restorations.
  • We use premier labs with the highest quality materials to assure superior outcomes with warranty for materials used
  • We offer insurance solutions .
  • Doctor owned practice where investment is in you and the practice.
  • The office is conveniently located with ambitious parking and 24/7 access to dental care via emergency service monitoring.

Why Thanjai Dental Centre

  • We at Thanjai dental centre,provide the best and same latest treatment without any compromise as in first line cities but at a more cost effective manner.
  • We are the , only multi speciality hospital attached dental clinic in thanjavur. where all specialities including medical, dental, emergency, trauma care are all availabe under one roof.
  • Maintenance and clinic management is more affordable here than in other first line cities, we are able to provide latest quality dental treatment in cost effective means.
  • Hypertension and diabetes are very common today, we should take care of blood glucose levels and this could not be managed by dentist alone, under guidence of diabetelogist , cardiologist we take utmost care for your overall well-being.
  • No one is completely fit today, so any medical or dental emergency during or after dental procedure can be managed more efficently so you can always be assured that your are in safe hands.
  • Our hospital follows regular protocols in professional care in terms of sterilisation, patient management, follow up, clinic disposals etc,Regular fumigation is done weekly twice,the dental faculty is maintained like an operation theatre.
  • Every instrument is autoclaved.You have flexibility of obtaining dental treatment as inpatient or outpatient. This is required if you need to claim for treatment as all insurance companies demand inpatient facilities along with proper records.