How to have a straight back:

 Your guide to good posture...

Your posture depends not only on your muscles but on the condition of your teeth as well — including the occlusion. Exercises may be insufficient to get rid of a stoop. Pay attention to your dental occlusion, to improve your posture!

As awareness about one’s facial esthetics is increasing in the society, more and more children as well as the adults are seeking orthodontic treatment to improve their facial appearance and self esteem. With time, the science of orthodontics has also improved by leaps and bounds. Today we have got better orthodontic appliances to give you more precise control over tooth movement, better wires for less painful or painless tooth movement and techniques to achieve faster and more predictable results. There are esthetic appliances available like ceramic and plastic braces or completely invisible appliances like customized hidden lingual braces ( INCOGNITO), and clear aligners which have made it possible for adults to seek orthodontic treatment without being socially embarrassed by wearing steel braces.


At Thanjai Dental Centre,it is our endeavor to take orthodontic care to new heights by providing painless, faster and more predictable treatment results which are more stable structurally, functionally as well as esthetically. Today’s improved orthodontic approaches have made it possible for us to develop protocols to make your orthodontic treatment a pleasant and rewarding experience for you.

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