The first fully digitized dental clinic in Thanjavur,Tamilnadu which apply the DSD concept, based on the revolutionary digital smile design system that together with cutting-edge technology, allow us to offer patients the best results in an easier, safer and more predictable way, offering patients comprehensive solutions from a multidisciplinary point of view

Benefits of Digital Smile Design


  • The patient becomes the co-author of his/her own new smile. The design is completely tailor made to each patient, following their facial features and desires.

  • The DSD Concept allows the patient to test the design before committing.

  • DSD protocol allows you to see and feel the final result of the treatment in your mouth even before it starts, by using the Mock-up DSD simulation process.

  • Digital Technology allows us to accurately reproduce the initial design of your Smile in the Final Treatment Result.

  • DSD Protocol and Technology allows us  to carry out a more secure and accurate Diagnosis and Treatment.

  • Well planned treatments usually require 20 to 30% fewer appointments and time. 3D planning also allows procedures to be more delicate and accurate, reducing patient discomfort and recovery time.

  • Thanks to the computer-based treatment planning software, the final result is a healthy, natural and highly aesthetic smile.

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