Take care of your Gums

Imagine Our jawbone infested with termites! 
Is Really Disgusting...
But there’s no way around it! 
We all know Termites invade our house and then live there. We can’t really see it unless  we go below the surface or inside the walls. Sometimes we see it rotting our door. However, no matter how much we clean the house, we will never get rid of the termites ourself. If we don’t solve the problem, we will not have a house anymore!
 Gum disease is no different. It is the Bacteria in the mouth that is eating our jaw bone
    Often times, people have no idea they have gum disease until it’s started to cause serious problems. These problems may include:
Swollen gums
Bad breath
Root decay
Gum recession
Bleeding gums
Loose teeth
Tooth pain
In most cases, there’s no pain until it’s to a late stage and no matter how much you floss or brush, you’re not going to get rid of it on your own. It is an infection in your mouth and if it’s not treated, you could end up losing your teeth.
 If you haven’t been to the dentist in half a year or longer, then you could be allowing these bacteria to get into your jaw bone. At Thanjai Dental Centre, we have seen almost 75% of people have some form of gum disease.
 It is a major problem that many people have; and they are actually not aware of it until  the late stage!
We can help
*The best way to preventing gums disease is: getting regular checkups with your dentist, a cleaning every 3-6 months, flossing and brushing 2-3 times daily.
* Treating gum disease varies depending on how severe it is. Sometimes, it’s just a simple cleaning.

*Other times, we will  need to go under the gums and get rid of the bacteria that live there.  If its more severe, we may need to perform surgery on your gums. 
*When surgery is needed,we at Thanjai Dental Centre have the Best Specialist team who can give you the best GUM CARE through latest Gum treatments like Flap Surgeries,Bone Grafting,Osseous Surgeries &so on.Going through with these procedures now ,could mean avoid having your teeth extracted later.
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There’s no reason to live with gum disease when there’s such a simple solution: 
Call Thanjai Dental Centre at (91) 94431-37414 today! We can provide thorough examinations, x-rays, and a deep cleaning. If you do have gum disease then we’ll discuss options to treat it before  it can become serious over time.