DENTAL VENEERS are the materials thin in size, placed over the teeth so as to mainly improve an aesthetic oral appearance and to save the teeth from any further damages.

In this procedure, a small amount of tooth enamel is removed with the veneer then being applied on. While they give the best natural look to our teeth, the dental veneers do also provide great strengths and resilience to them.

Dental Veneers are primarily the customized tooth-shaped and colored shells that can go over our teeth; matching their size, shape and color.

Types of Dental Problems – Being Mainly Solved by Veneers

  • Teeth that are stained/discolored
  • Teeth with small cracks and breaks
  • Teeth with tear and wear
  • Teeth with uneven gap/space between each other
  • Teeth with uneven shape or misalignment

Advantages of Dental Veneers

The dental veneer is usually the minimally invasive dental treatment; requiring less shaping and filing of teeth unlike crown treatments. Apart from an enhanced oral appearance with improved smile and other facial features, the veneers would typically give your teeth the longevity. Dental veneers would well integrate with gum tissues. The choice of veneer color makes us to have our teeth very close to natural teeth color and so are the teeth shape and size

Right Candidacy for Dental Veneers

To know the right candidacy, one would have to see their dentist to know if this treatment is right for them or not. Having a consultation with us, discussing about the most desirable cosmetic improvements and therefore the suitable dental solution will likely explain what exactly we recommend for you. Otherwise, the dental veneers working just like your teeth replica are not a doubt at all


Tooth Jewellery is a much sought after procedure especially in the younger population who look for that additional 'sparkle' to their already sparkling and beautiful set of teeth.

Tooth jewellery is painless and has no risk of infection and adds to the dazzling smile

Tooth jewellery can be crystals in many colors, precious stones cut to size, and glass crystals in various shapes and sizes. The Tooth Jewellery are removable and do not involve any kind of invasive procedures like drilling or chipping. The safety of this procedure is well documented

we have been famous for performing all cosmetic Dental procedures and Tooth Jewellery is one of them. Trained Specialist cosmetic Dental surgeons at Thanjai dental centre perform the procedure which is usually over in one sitting after the patient agrees and is satisfied with the type and size of the jewel to be fixed


Metal fillings (amalgam/silver fillings) were effective, but very conspicuous and tend to blacken in color over time and are unsightly when you smile. We often replace old metal fillings with tooth-colored composite.
Dental composite can match the shade, translucency and even the texture of your own natural teeth and provides a much better results hence a popular choice for fillings today.
At Thanjai dental centre, we use high quality, international , branded materials ( 3M ESPE, VOCO, Dentsply, CeramX, Ivoclar Vivadent Tetric N-Ceram) for all fillings which gives a superior finish and make them longer lasting.


A lot of factors cause teeth to lose their color such as age, food habits, medication etc. Dental bleaching or tooth whitening as its known more popularly today is one of the most sought out cosmetic treatments.
Lot of tooth whitening products are available these days for home, but in-office bleaching is safer and produces faster and more consistent results. Power bleaching uses light energy to accelerate the process of bleaching in a dental office. At Thanjai Dental Centre we use latest system for power bleaching, which can produce dramatic improvements in the cosmetic appearance in a single sitting


If minor imperfections, such as a small cracks or chips, are stifling your smile, then dental bonding might be the right procedure for you.
Tooth bonding is a one-appointment cosmetic dentistry procedure that uses composite resins to repair your minor cosmetic dental issues.
Contact Dr.Rajmohan at Thanjai dental Centre for Cosmetic Dentistry to schedule your appointment today!
If you have a chipped tooth, gaps, discolorations, worn-out teeth, or are in need of provisional restoration prior to more permanent and lasting veneers, then you are probably a candidate for dental bonding.
At Thanjai dental Centre , we use composite resins to close gaps between teeth, eliminate minor discolored spots and repair chips. It can also be used to repair certain types of front teeth fractures. This procedure utilizes the same composite materials and process used to perform composite resin fillings.
Using a high-strength, custom color-matched resin, expert cosmetic dentist Dr. Rajmohan can conceal the damaged area and reinforce the tooth, thereby creating a picture-perfect smile that looks entirely natural.

Bonding is initiated by lightly roughening the area to be restored. This procedure does not usually require the use of local anesthesia. The roughened tooth surface is etched with a special acid gel, thoroughly washed and treated with primers and light-cured resins to enhance adhesion. Composite resin closely matching the color of the tooth is applied in layers and sculpted to the desired shape. A high intensity curing light is used to harden the composite. Then, final shaping and polishing is used to achieve a perfect smile

Contact Thanjai dental centre for Cosmetic Dentistry If you want to repair a chipped tooth or improve tooth discoloration, call and schedule a consultation with Dr. Rajmohan to see what bonding treatments we have available for you. At Thanjai dental centre, we believe that every patient should be able to achieve the smile of his or her dreams.


It is an instant treatment now available in cosmetic dentistry. Tooth contouring otherwise called Enamel shaping essentially involves reshaping and contouring of the enamel portion (out most layer) of the tooth to correct crooked teeth, chipped teeth, cracked teeth or even overlapping teeth in just one session


It is the art of creating a smile that enhances the features of the face, while crafting a beautiful balance in size, proportion, position, color and angulation of the teeth. It does not only add to the happiness factor of how the patient feels about himself/herself, but actually adds life to the teeth by strengthening the surfaces of teeth that are continuously exposed to wear and tear.
It provides emotional wellbeing factor of harmony & improves the facial symmetry.
During your smile design consultation, Dr.Rajmohan will go over all of these factors. A variety of factors are taken into consideration during smile designing such as age, facial shape and the kind of image you want to portray. So whether you are looking for a sophisticated, sporty or a dazzling smile, can be made possible .


It is a universal wish that you would like to be your dazzling best, wearing your best smile on that very special day which is your wedding day.
Our dental work can include Whitening of Your teeth, Zoom Bleaching,gum reshaping and Restorative dental work is also done like the use of Bonding, veneers and crowns to make you look beautiful and wear your dazzling smile with confidence. Some of the other procedures performed include Cosmetic tooth contouring and braces as corrective therapy. Often, we also counsel the individual with tips on Teeth care before their wedding day.
Having pioneered the concept of 'Smile design' and a host of cosmetic procedures, Thanjai dental has readily adopted the latest cosmetic Techniques.
The idea is to ensure that the patient who has come to us to look special on their wedding day ,should be completely satisfied, happy and confident with the smile makeover, the bride / bridegroom gets.
We have a reputation of transforming the lives of people with their smile designing procedures. Smile makeovers have now become routine at Thanjai dental and Dr.Rajmohan have created beautiful smiles for past 16 years and continue to do so.


A completely different way to wear braces. No one will ever discover you are wearing braces! Orthodontic Braces are actually invisible teeth braces placed behind your teeth using state-of-the-art technology